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Graduation cookies


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Carnival cookies


Team Logo, Cartoon, Movie, Seasonal, Music...

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How to: Order

Space is limited! Orders need to be placed at least one full week prior to your event. Get your spot reserved today via our online order form.

Competitive Pricing

Batches start at USD $35.00 per dozen for standard sized cookies. Cost may vary depending on size and complexity of the design. Batches are not started until payment is made in full. See a full price sheet on our online order form.

Beautiful. Incredibly Delicious.

Be a Rock Star at your next event! Your family and friends will be amazed at the attention to detail. As hard as it may be to take that first bite, trust us, you'll want to!

“These cookies are amazing!! All the little details and the taste. Love love love”

Margie Sanchez

“Three T Bakery cookies are the best. The artistic nature of these cookies are truly amazing. Plus, they taste yummy.”

Trisha Williams

“These cookies were Amazing! Beautiful and delicious!! Highly recommend!”

Michelle Beas

“In a word. Awesome!! Delicious and very professional looking cookies. Teapots so cute!”

Pat Staggs

“Three T Bakery's work is stunning!! The cookies are nothing short of gorgeous!”

Rhonda Kodger

“The KU cookies were Amazing! I highly recommend Three T Bakery!”

Amber Oatman